Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Relay for Life - Chapel Offering

This weeks Chapel offering for Avari's school was to have us decorate a small bag and fill with coins for the Relay for Life Fundraiser. We could do this in memory of someone we had lost. We chose to do ours in memory of Nanie (my grandmother, Avari's great-grandmother) and of Aunt Susu (my aunt, Avari's great Aunt).

Avari and I discussed why we were doing this. At first she didn't quite comprehend but that's ok. She understands that Nanie and Aunt Susu were sick and had to go to Heaven and that we miss them very much.

We talked about how we should decorate her bag. I suggested a rainbow and explained to her that a rainbow seems to make everyone smile, just like the memories we have make us smile and a heart representing how they each live on inside of us. Although she never met Nanie, she will know her for the wonderful woman that she was and I will teach her all of the things that she taught me. Aunt Susu was only here for the first 3 years of Avari's life so I am hoping she has some rememberance of her. We have several pictures in our home that she gets to look at and when she's older, I'm hoping she'll inquire more about how special these 2 were to me!

The quality of the photos aren't the best, they were taken with my phone.

This was a very special chapel offering assignment for me and I am so glad that the school had us do this with our kiddos! 

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