Friday, March 2, 2012

Feature Friday - Enjoying the Small Things

If you haven't heard of Kelle Hampton, you definitely need to check out her blog. She is an amazing blogger, writer and mother.

I love to read her blog and take inspiration from her. The way she writes, the way she views life...very awe inspiring. I can not wait for her book Bloom to come out soon. That will be the next one on my book list!

I only wish that I could be half the person that she is...such great talent....such a great heart! She has a way of writing that pulls you in, makes you feel like you are right there in that moment in time that she is sharing with you. You can feel the love she has for her family in friends through her writing and photos.

Go and check out her the whole thing, it will change your life. It has mine!

Click on the link in my side bar or access her page by clicking here. You won't be disappointed.

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