Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Update

I am definitely not having the best of luck with my garden. When we first planted, we had full sun. Wanna know why? The trees hadn't bloomed yet! DUH! Don't laugh...I'm new at this!

So, now that the trees have bloomed, our sun is minimal at best. We get pretty good morning sun and a slight amount of afternoon/evening sun, but no direct, overhead sun.

I do have a few plants that are doing really good. I have some tomatoes in pots and guess what, we have about 15 tomatoes on it!! My pickle plants that are planted in pots are doing awesome too! My beans, which are planted in my raised bed, are coming up nicely but as for the rest, not so much.

We have debated to just give up after this crop, cut down some trees, move the garden for the next crop, lots of things. I think we have finally decided to cut down the limbs that are blocking the sun. Only problem...there's a power line running right underneath! UGH!

We did manage to cut down a few of the limbs that we could reach and were far enough away from the line to not get electrocuted! I've now just got to call the City to come out and cut down the rest...wonder how long that will take?!?

All in all, it's has not been the best experience but I have loved watching what is growing, grow and can not wait until my tomatoes are ready! I am craving homemade salsa like crazy!!

We have Tomatoes!

 And Pickles!

And Green Beans!

Looks a little skimpy but for our first one, I'm super proud!!

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