Saturday, January 7, 2012

Granny and Papa's House

Today we spent most of the day trying to sort through my Granny and Papa's house. This would be my great grandparents house and my family's homestead. I have very few memories of actually spending time out there so I really enjoyed hearing all of the stories from my Grandma, Mom and Aunts memories of  this place.

It has pretty much not been touched in the last 20-25 years. We did have someone living there up until recently but the home is not livable at all. Everything will have to be redone, the electrical, the plumbing, new windows, you name it, it needs it. It is now become a family project that we are all looking forward to accomplishing.

The first step today was to go through everything that was left in the house, burn anything that could be burned and start the cleanup process. We started upstairs and went through everything. Every box, every trunk, every nook and cranny was gone through. We found lots of great items, some we will divide up amongst the family and some we will try and sell. I really wish we didn't have to sell any of it, but the money will give us a jump start on all of the renovations.

I did get to pick a few items that I really wanted and I am so excited! I'll save all of my treasures for another post.

This is the side of the house. It was built back in 1912.

One room upstairs. See the mess we are working with!

The other room upstairs with my mom and aunt cleaning up.

View going down the stairs. Yuck! And boy are these stairs steep!

Living Room

One Bedroom Downstairs

Bathroom! That stick is the only thing holding up the sink!

My great-grandfather made this. There are two of these in front of the house and the first thing you see when you drive up. I can remember going out there when I was little and having to play and spin these. They don't spin anymore, as they are falling apart  but I'm hoping with a little TLC, these will be salvagable.

Oma and Opa's House, my great great grandparents. It's a small, 2 room house that I finally got to go in and see last weekend. It was a little scary knowing that the whole thing may fall down on top of us. We did find some neat items in this house also.

And of course, I had to get a picture of some of the cows! lol

This project we have taken on is a big one but it is something we can come together as a family and do. It is going to be worth it all, especially when we can go out as a family, spend the weekend and make special memories. This will also be something that many more generations of Mayer's can enjoy.

Wish us luck!!

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