Thursday, January 19, 2012

Confident Parenting

This past December, my Sunday School class wrapped up reading Jim Burns' Confident Parenting. This book has been a real eye opener when it comes to raising children. This is a faith based book with real life concepts.

I highly recommend each parent read this book. I am actually going to re-read this book, incorporate this into our daily lives and blog each step of the way.

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The first time reading this book, I don't think I really absorbed what all he had to say. I had every intention of this becoming a guideline for our lives but once again, life got in the way.

Our classes touched lightly on each chapter but was filled with more personal experiences and advice that was not directly related to this book.

Although I value all of the great advice received from the other parents, I want to take the time to tailor these methods to work for my family.

I have about a month to do this as our next class starts in February and is going to focus on our relationship with our spouse. We will be reading "The Five Love Languages", and I am looking forward to bettering my relationship with Jacob.

As for now, I am going to focus on my family as a whole and dive whole-hearted into becoming a Confident Parent.

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