Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas and New Years 2011

I'm only a week late in posting Christmas Pics but it's been a crazy busy week!

We had a great Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family! This year was just not the same since we didn't get to spend Christmas with my dads side of the family. Hopefully next year, we will all be able to get together. I've realized, after not getting to see them, how much more important family really is. I hate that we only see each other on the Holidays but love it all the same because that is when we can all come together.

We spent Christmas eve with my moms family and then Christmas day we spent at home and my dad came and opened gifts that morning with us and had dinner with us that evening. I believe Avari got everything she asked Santa for and so did we! Most of all though, we spent the day together, making great memories that will last a lifetime!

We spent New Years with my dad and my cousins. It was a great time and we were even home by 11 and in bed by 12. LOL! Guess we're getting old!

Avari opening presents at Tutu's

Little Lucy! Isn't she the cutest?!!

Trying to cheer grumpy Avari up!

She loves her Daddy!

Trying out her new skates from Oma!

Reindeer Food!

Leaving Cookies and Milk for Santa!

Santa Came!!

Opening presents! Crazy hair and all!

Trying out her new dress-up stuff!

Popo got Avari a purple "truck", she was so excited she had to unwrap the rest of her presents in there!

Taking it out for a spin!

The only good pic I got on New Years!

2011 was full of its ups and downs but we have come through stronger and better! I believe that 2012 is going to be a great year!!

Hope everone had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

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