Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye

On January 30, my grandfather passed away. In a way, I knew that it was the end but that still doesn't prepare you for when it actually happens.

When someone you love passes, it is physically and emotionally draining. I received the call at 3:30 am that morning and headed straight to my aunts house to be with my grandmother. At 4:30, my 2 aunts, cousin and I went up to the hospital to see him before the funeral home arrived. The rest of the day was filled with making plans and just being with family. The rest of the week was much of the same. I tried to work a little on Tuesday but really had no desire to be there. Funeral arrangments were made that same day, met with the pastor and spent more time with family. Wednesday we spent getting everything ready for the viewing that day and the funeral the next day. Friday, I took a personal day off. I needed that day. I was so drained. Anyone who has ever lost some one knows exactly what I am talking about.

Although we have said goodbye, his memory lives on in all of us. During this process, I learned a lot about him that I didn't know and now wish that I would have had a chance to learn all of these things from him.

Momo & Papoo

The florist did an awesome job! (Casket Spray)

His prized possession!

From the Grandkids and Great-Grandkids!

From the kids! Those boots were given to my cousin Matt when he was little by Papoo!

Full Military Honors!

Folding of the flag!

Presenting of the flag!

RIP Papoo! You will be missed greatly! Save some butter bread for me!

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