Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh boy! It has been a while since I last updated. Nothing new though. I have been sick for the past week. I had fever for 3 days straight and my doc said that it was just the crud and to take OTC meds. Thanks doc! Big help you were. I could've told myself that and save a hundred bucks. Oh well....that's life. Guess I didn't realize that this weekend was Father's Day. I am so out of touch! We are planning to go to Austin to visit some of Jacob's Family and see his step-dad that is flying in from Missouri to see his dad! I'm looking forward to it! I really enjoy spending time with John and only wish that Elaine would be coming down too. They are the greatest in-laws ever!!!! It probably won't be until after Christmas before we get to see them again! = (

I do have several pictures that I want to post....some as far back as Easter! Like I said, I am out of touch! Time just flys by and the more I say I'll do it tomorrow, the more tomorrow turns into a month or never!

Ok, so my new goal......NO MORE PROCRASTINATING! (well maybe no more but I'll be better, I promise)

I don't have a quote for today.....just couldn't put a finger on one I liked!!

Til tomorrow.....or the next day.....or even the next day......LOL!!

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