Tuesday, April 17, 2012

EntreLeadership with Dave Ramsey

Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership Seminar. If you haven't heard of Dave Ramsey, stop what your doing and check out his website! He can and will change your life forever!!

Not only does he know a thing or two about money management but he knows how to run a successful business. We are starting to incorporate his Total Money Makeover Plan into our home lives and will be using what I learned at the Seminar for our business life.

One of my favorite things he said is to Do Work That Matters!! How many of you feel that what you do, doesn't really matter? That your not an integral part of your company and they would drop you in a heart beat? I know I sometimes do.

Another big thing for Dave is that "People Matter". We all know that, but do we truly invest the time it takes to show them that they matter, especially in the business world. I can most certainly guarantee that people will answer no to this more than they will yes. I know, in business, it's all about the bottom line, I get it! But, what if you showed your employees a little compassion, a little bit of "they are important too".

Dave told a story of how one day, he was sitting in his office and a new mom came in, flustered and told him that her baby was running a fever. With any new mom, she was freaked out. Dave told her to take the rest of the afternoon off and tend to her baby. The next day, another mother came in and was also in a state of array. She had just been told that her 3 year old was diagnosed with Cancer. He said, one day I have a mom in here with a baby with fever, that tugs at your heart strings and the next day, I have a mom in here telling me her baby has Cancer, that just takes you breath away. He gave her 6 weeks off of work with pay so that she could tend her child during Chemo.

What got me with this story was that it wasn't the fact that he had the means to give her the 6 weeks off with pay, but that he truly cared. These employees are a member of his family, as he puts it. Even when he told the story, I could feel the emotion he had for these people and he almost couldn't complete the story with breaking down.

That's a true leader! Some one who shows that, even though you work for me, even though I can fire you at the drop of a hat, you are a member of my family and I will treat you so.

He had a lot of great advice on how to be a good leader:

1. Follow the Golden Rule
    "Do to others as you would have them do to you." (Luke 6:31).
2. Act with Grace
3. Give Praise
4. Treat them with Dignity

There is so much more, more that I could ever write about her but I recommend any one who owns, runs, manages a business or team, to invest in his EntreLeadership book or attend one of his Seminars. You will not regret it!!



Dave Ramsey truly can change your life. Just give him a chance! Now, if only we could get big businesses and our government to use some of his practices, we might be ok! :)

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