Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paperwork for the loan has all been signed. Should only take a couple of weeks to wrap up and then we can close on the house!! I am ecstatic!!

I am looking forward to getting to decorate and begin making all of the projects I have in mind. There will be lots to come within the next month or so.

Does anyone else feel like this week is dragging on? Boy is it! I am looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend with my baby girl and hubby. Only plans is to get everything packed for the move. We don't have much since we've been staying with my Dad, but it's enough to keep me busy for a while!

May have to make a trip to the lake or plan a picnic and park adventure for Avari. I'll let her decide what she wants to do......

A little update on Avari: She is doing soooo good in school. Her vocabulary has expanded alot since starting a month and a half ago. She's still not quite on the potty training bandwagon yet, but I still think she is a little too young and has no interest in it what-so-ever! It will take time and I think, be easier in our new house. No Carpet downstairs so I can let her run around naked and keep the potty down there. We'll see how it goes. She has also developed this little personality that I can't help but giggle at! I just wish I could catch some of the stuff she says or does on video. She's very vocal about what she wants and what she doesn't like and a little bossy to boot. She tells Daddy all the time "Don't do that" or tells us "Goes right there" when we put something someone "she thinks" it's not supposed to go and moves it. She's a stinker but the light of my life and I couldn't imagine her any other way!!

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