Sunday, February 28, 2010

32 Hours and counting.....

Well I have made it 32 hours without smoking. So far, so good. I may be a little moody depending on who you ask but I feel good. I am expecting it to get harder as the days go by but I know that I can do it. No More Excuses!! I am drawing my strength from a beautiful 2 year old little girl who is losing her battle with Neuroblastoma. She is so strong and fighting with all of her might. Her story has absolutely broken my heart and I cannot begin to imagine what her family is going through, watching their beautiful baby slip away before their eyes. I don't think I have ever cried so hard for a complete stranger but when I look at her pictures, her eyes say it all....Layla Grace....praying for a miracle!

For the past few days, as I'm praying for a miracle for Layla, and with every twitter update from her family that things are getting worse, I am questioning whether miracles do happen. I have begun to lose hope in life because it seems like God is taking so many children that should get a chance at life. I know, in my heart, that he only takes the best and they have served their purpose, but then my question is, why are they suffering? I try to imagine what that little girl is thinking, at two, about what she is going through. I can't even begin to fathom it. Maybe I am losing a little bit of my faith because of all of the bad things that are happening but I will find it again. I just need to hold on to some sort of hope and I will find it again!

I guess I'm more angered at our society. We can portray on the news all of the disasters happening in other countries and we are quick to their rescue but we won't even do a news story on childhood cancer and help to raise awareness. Our government has no problem sending money to other countries to help them but why not help out here in our country and get more research and funding for these kids. I can bet that if the president's child was going through this, something would be done but since they cannot conceive of the pain, nothing will be done. That's not acceptable! I am making it my mission to raise awareness about the children. I plan to write whoever will listen and talk to whoever wants to help that something has to be done. Even though I do not have a sick child, I can still be a voice for those who do.These kids deserve more and we as a country need to come together, like we did for Haiti, and help fund a cure!!!

Not real sure where I am going to start but I will do this....for Layla and Dax and all of the other babies out there suffering!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest......

Avari is sick once again. Took her temp and it is only low grade. Gave her a dose of Motrin and a cup of milk and she is happily laying on the couch watching Diego. As for me, I can't seem to shake this darn cough. I should have wash board abs after coughing this much! HA! Jacob is the only one not sick but he will probably be next. We are still needing to work on a lot of issues but can't seem to get on the same page. It's a work in progress and no one said marriage was easy.

Until next time.....


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